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Hand Print (Batik technique print - Tenasen) on Cotton & Rayon fabrics

The word "batik" is in Indonesian in origin, it means "drawing" and "writing". These two words describe what it means to print batik: to draw patterns and designs free hand with hot wax, followed by painting between the waxed sections. Then the fabric is re-waxed, cloth dyed, and boiled.

Modern batik, although having strong ties to traditional batik, utilizes linear treatment of designs. These batiks tend to be more dependent on the dictates of the designer rather than the stiff guidelines that have guided traditional craftsmen. This is also apparent in the use of color that modern designers use. Artisans are no longer dependent on traditional (natural) dyes, as chemical dyes can produce any color that they wish to achieve. While the design process has remained basically the same over the last century, the process shows great progress in recent decades.

A tradition that started on a small island 2,000 years ago has evolved into a world-renowned practice. Fashions and furnishings helped bring the beauty of this tradition to world wide prominence. Batik apparel was formerly the clothing of aristocracy; batik is now the art of the world.

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Machine Print on Polyester, Rayon and Cotton fabrics

In Indonesia, historically and culturally the making of batik have enhanced our experience in creating artistic and defined engraving artwork with high sense for the designs and color harmony. With Japan’s advanced technology which was introduced and invested here over 30 years ago, we progressed to produce one of the best printing quality standard in the world. We are committed to ensure the quality, punctuality, reliability and the flexibility to meet our customers exact specification and needs.


High standard workmanship and details oriented. We are committed to provide supperior quality & service to meet our customer specification.